Misty Rawlins

SWAG Procurement Officer

Get to know Misty, our SWAG Procurement Officer!

What is your role in You Conferences?
SWAG Coordination, Collection, and Distribution 

Why are you part of You Conferences?
I attended my first conference in October 2019. I had no idea what to expect; I found myself in a room filled with mostly strangers, yet felt so at home. As the day went on and each speaker unveiled their heart and poured their love and authenticity into us via their journey, I was moved.  That same morning I made a declaration of the most enormous goal I’ve ever said out loud...since that day, I’ve taken action on that declaration and it’s becoming my reality.  You Conferences lit a fire in me to chase after everything I’ve ever wanted, versus settling for what I knew best. This community of women filled with comradery, support, and strength is what drives my passion to continue to stand behind You Conference's mission and vision. 

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