Rina Jensen

Vice Pusher of Cliffs

Get to know Rina, our Vice Pusher of Cliffs!

What is your role in You Conferences?
You Academy creator, facilitator, and curator

Tell us about yourself.
As a Resiliency Coach, Rina teaches women in business to increase their mental fitness and to truly embody confidence, authenticity and success. She does this through a combination of her education, expertise, life experiences, and humor helping her clients create resilient lifestyles and overcome negative habits or mindsets that often limit them from within. 

Alright, show off your business!

Rina Jensen Coaching

Why are you part of You Conferences?
To help create a community of women who develop themselves personally and professionally embody the life they want to live and do so with the grace, class, and sass that every woman if gifted with.

Where can we find you?





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